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18 and Still in School 18 and Still in School - Summer School Video on Demand
Going to summer school usually means that you didn't make your grades.
These girls are here to improve their scores, but it's not in the courses you think.
The classes that they take may as well be sex-ed oriented because they are
deviant masters in the trade. And the teachers especially know how versed they are at it!
Director: Mandi Michaels
Approximate Running Time: 01:48:05
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Ol' Dirty Bastards And The Girls Who Love 'Em

Ol' Dirty Bastards And The Girls Who Love 'Em
Older men are sexy. Um, not really. But they do have lots of money to spend on young hotties like us.
"To make us happy." Yeah right. They just want the chance to stick theur wrinkled old cocks inside our
tight tender,
young twats. That's cool. We don't mind sucking on gnarled boners as long as it gets us a
new outfit at the mall. Sometimes we'll even pretend
we like it. It's not like it's hard work. These old farts
pump a few times, and suddenly they're groaning and spurting their watery cum into you mouths!

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